Individual consultation

Individual consultation

If you want to know exactly how many times per week and how long you should exercise specifically for your face, ask for an individual consultation.

During the one-on-one training, I can examine your face and recommend exactly what to do, as well as show you additional exercises for partial training. We all have an area on our face that is a bit “weaker”, and we would like to do additional partial training for this part. This could be your neck, double chin, drooping eyelids, dark circles, nasolabial lines, mouth, cheeks, forehead etc.

I also give advice for extra facial care at home.

Before your individual consultation, please get cream and a mirror ready. The consultation is conducted through Zoom, consultation is recorded, and after the consultation, you receive the recording in your email inbox.

An individual consultation takes 30 minutes. Consultation is available for anyone living anywhere in the world!

I was so pleased to have booked a consultation with Mia. I received an incredible amount of information in one on one consultation, specifically for my face and neck. Definitely a worthwhile investment. I have better results now, and the tone and texture of my skin has changed considerably.”


Individual consultation


One-on-one training over Zoom

Recording of the training delivered to email

30 minutes session


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