About Mia

About Mia


Hi! My name is Mia.


I have always taken care of my appearance, and I have been practicing Pilates exercises for years.

I love eating healthy organic food. For the past 18 years, I’ve owned a healthy restaurant together with my husband in the City of Split, where we serve healthy meals made with local organic ingredients.

How did you find out about face exercises?

Seven years ago, on the threshold of my forties, I realized that Pilates workout and healthy food could not make my face look younger and tighter. I have always been unhappy with large circles under my eyes (for which I was told by everyone that they are genetically caused and that there is nothing I can do about them), and with my forehead which showed four deep horizontal wrinkle lines caused by vigorous facial expressions. All that affected my self-confidence.

In my search for the solutions, I came across face exercises, and decided to try them out.

That made sense to me – if exercises for the whole body which I’ve practiced from my early days bear good results, it was only logical that I should be able to achieve the same results also by practicing exercises for my face and neck.

I practiced face workout exercises for three months, after which I was more than satisfied with the outcome!

What improvement did you see on your face?

My under-eye circles were almost completely gone. Deep wrinkles on my forehead were barely visible. My cheeks were lifted and my whole face and neck looked fresher and more youthful. My lips became bigger and fuller and the skin texture on my face and neck improved. My self-confidence improved a lot.

What is your education?

I am a certified face workout coach and a licensed massage therapist. I specialised in intraoral face massage in London. After completing numerous face workout education programs I created my own one.  Here is my ONLINE face workout program so that you are all set for exercising with me at home.

I believe that exercising is the most powerful anti-ageing method possible for the body and the face. 

How old are you?

Many people ask my age. I am 47. This year I will turn 48 and every day I receive compliments how I look 10 years younger!

After spending many years searching for the best anti-ageing tool, I am happy to have finally found the face workout. It is giving my face and neck beautiful, tight skin. I am often told that I look 10 years younger than my real age.

Where are you from?

I am from Croatia (Europe).

In the picture below is my beautiful hometown of Split. I hope someday you will be able to visit it and enjoy the beautiful nature it has to offer.